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my name is Chris and I create video tutorials for Blender, the free, open-source (and just freaking awesome) 3D software.

If you enjoy my content, your support is greatly appreciated: With your help I will be able to continue creating high-quality tutorials and other content. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and consider becoming a Patron. Thank you! ♥️

About me:
I am a full-stack Senior Software Engineer with 30+ years of experience and a Master's Degree in Computer Science.
My hobbies and interests include video production, photography, smart home, 3D printing and - of course - Blender!

I love to find smart solutions to tricky problems and will share the best tips with everyone who's interested.
Enjoy the videos and have a great day!

ChrisP Portrait

Blender Tutorials


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ChrisP’s Feature-Packed Startup File

I have put together a really handy Blender Startup file containing

  • Stage (Seamless & Room w/ individual walls)
  • Lights (3-Point Studio Lighting)
  • Camera (w/ Track-To and Focus Point)
  • Volumetric Dust Particles
  • HDRI (w/ Coordinates Controller)
  • Fixed World Center Empty
  • Shader Preview Orb
  • Materials
    • Metallic Car Paint
    • Architectural Glass
    • Plastic
    • Procedural Scratches
    • Dust
    • and more
  • Scripts
    • Animation Nodes rendering
    • Bullet Time Effect
  • Feature-Packed Compositor Node Tree
    • Anamorphic Lens Flares
    • Fake Volumetrics
    • Glitches
    • Sharpen
    • Glare
    • Color Correction/Grading
    • Dirt
    • Vignette
    • and more
  • Practical Default Settings

Material Packs for EEVEE & Cycles

GOLD Tier patrons get all existing and future (!) material packs FOR FREE!

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Or you can purchase material packs individually from BlenderMarket by clicking an item below:

3D Printed Shader

  • Procedural shaders for Blender 3 and 4
  • Best results in Cycles, works in EEVEE
3D Printed Shader

Copper Material Pack

  • Procedural shader
  • Color age, Color variation, Oil amount, Patina
  • + BONUS: Dust-Shader
  • Best results in Cycles
Copper Material Pack

Granite Material Asset Pack v2

  • Procedural shader for Blender 3+
  • Incl. Assets for Blender's Asset Manager
  • For Cycles and EEVEE
  • How-To: VIDEO
Granite Material Asset Pack v2

Silver, Gold, Platinum, Pewter Material Pack

  • 4 procedural shaders in 1 pack
  • Silver with patina feature
  • Gold with rose gold feature
  • Platinum with dirt inclusions feature
  • Pewter with patina, brushed and pitted feature
  • Best results in Cycles
Silver, Gold, Platinum, Pewter Material Pack

Animation Nodes

Animation Nodes is an awesome free Add-On for Blender.

I used to publish my own builds for B2.8x here but I don’t see the need any longer since there are current builds (even with extra nodes!) available. The latest build can be downloaded from GitHub.

Blender crashes when rendering animations?

Later builds of AN have improved this issue drastically, but if you still experience crashes when rendering with “Auto Execution” switched on (I found that 1 out of 5 render jobs still crash), then there are several things you can do/try:

  • Watch the silly - but hopefully useful - video
  • Switch on “Lock Interface” in the Render menu
  • Bake the animation to keyframes (if possible)
  • Use “Viewport Rendering” (if possible)

Good luck ;)

Video Animation Nodes No More Crashes

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